The Village of Chapeltown


Chapeltown is an attractive moorland village of Tudor and 18th century stone cottages, situated five miles north-east of Bolton on the B6391. The main axis of the village is High Street with the Chetham Arms – an 18th-century hostelry, and Old School House (sometimes referred to as Chapel House). There are Stocks and a Cross situated in the Rest Garden at the northern end of High Street, the whole street being designated as a conservation area.

Next to the small hamlet of Horrobin, you will find the Jumbles Reservoir, which lies within the valleys which once fed Bradshaw Brook with waters gathered from the surrounding moorland. The Bradshaw Valley echoes a long and interesting history of industrial activity based on textiles. The reservoir and surrounding park was opened to the public in 1971 and offer a variety of activities including fishing, picnicking and walking trails.

Turton Tower is situated at the southern end of the village while St Anne’s Church is perched high on the ground overlooking the surrounding area.

This area has many good pubs/restaurants and is a favourite for walkers.

Modern football was introduced to the North West of England by Turton Football Club in 1871. Its inaugural general meeting was held in the old school in December of that year. The club now has their own ground on Thomason Fold, behind Bolton Road, Edgworth.

Turton Bowling club in Chapeltown is also very active situated behind the old Conservative Club on Wellington Road.

Turton Football Club

St Anne’s Church

Chetham Arms Pub

Turton Tower

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