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  The Barlow Institute, Bolton Road, Edgworth

The village of Edgworth lies in the North East corner of North Turton between Broadhead Brook on the west (expanded artificially to form the Wayoh reservoir) and Quarlton Brook in the south east. The ground ranges from 650 to 1100 feet above sea level.

Edgworth on Anglo-Saxon origin, and denoting a village in the hills has had many spellings, from 'Eggwrthe' in 1212, Egewurth in 1221, and in 1277 Eggeswrth and Edgeword and Eggeworth in the year 1292. Today it is still mis-spelled by some people as "Edgeworth".

The village is especially rich in the number of 'Folds' formed in the 17 century. The title usually indicates the enclosure of a farmstead and associated cottages. Isherwood Fold, off Blackburn Road is a good example. Other examples are Horrocks Fold, Thomasson Fold and Brandwood Fold.

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Sir Thomas Barlow who died at the grand old age of 99 was born in Brandwood Fold, Edgworth and went on to become physician not only to Queen Victoria but also King Edward VII & King George 5th. The Barlow family who later lived at Greenthorne, a Victorian mansion off Broadhead Road, entertained during their lifetime, Royalty, Mahatma Gandhi and other dignitaries. The Barlow Memorial Institute, pictured above, was the family's gift to the people of Edgworth and is a fitting tribute to their foresight in providing a meeting place for a flourishing village community which is once more seeing increased usage. The Barlows were also responsible for the development of "The National Children's Home" to the north of the village.

Five small hamlets also make up the area of the village - Quarlton, Turton Bottoms at the south-east point, with Entwistle, Round Barn and Whittlestone Head to the west.

Edgworth is renowned for walkers and is a very picturesque. Two large reservoirs - the Wayoh, and Entwistle service the area with freshwater with a further reservoir south namely the Jumbles (in Chapeltown). The village has many fine pubs/restaurants and Bed and Breakfast establishments and boasts one of the finest cricket teams in the Lancashire League - Edgworth Cricket Club. Formed in 1902, they now play continuously in the season on the Recreational Ground adjacent to the Barlow Institute. Another successful recreational club competing in two leagues is of course the Edgworth Village Institute Bowling Club. Founded in 1900, they play crown green bowls on the green adjacent to the Barlow Institute.

The area is cared for by the North Turton Parish Council and with Pastoral care from the three churches - Edgworth Methodist, St.Anne's (Turton)  and St.James (Edgworth.

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