Edgworth Village Institute Bowling Club


Fixtures 2001


April  9 Turton League Dunscar
  11 Club Friendly  
  16 Turton League Egerton
  18 Edgworth B.B. Park Players
  25 Edgworth Mixed Edgworth
  30 Turton League Longsight
May 2 Edgworth B.B. Turton Club
  9 Edgworth Mixed Buchanan B.
  14 Turton League Turton Club
  15 Cup Match  
  23 Edgworth Mixed Park Players
  25 Milburn Cup  
  28 Turton League Bar Lane
  30 Edgworth B.B. Redfern
  31 Turton League  
June 6 Edgworth Mixed Waggon B.
  11 Turton League Bradshaw
  13 Edgworth B.B. Rose B.
  18 Turton League Eagley
  20 Edgworth Mixed Turton Club
  25 Turton League Dobbies
  27 Edgworth B.B. Waggon B.
July 4 Edgworth Mixed Grants Grem
  9 Turton League Bar Lane A
  11 Edgworth B.B. Grants Grem
  18 Edgworth Mixed Totty D
  23 Turton League Tonge Moor
  25 Edgworth Mixed Rose B.
August 1 Edgworth B.B. Totty D.
  6 Turton League Longsight A.
  8 Edgworth B.B. Buchanan B.
  20 Turton League Bolton Tigers
  29 Edgworth B.B. Edgworth
September 5 Edgworth Mixed Redfern



The Standard MIDI File now playing is entitled "Sonatina in Bb and is the copyright of Roland (UK) Ltd Major" by Handel and is the copyright of Roland (UK) Ltd


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