St. Anne's Church Gallery

This is a gallery of photos of St. Anne's Church, Turton and are in thumb nail format. Click on the actual image to see the full size version of the picture(s).

St. Anne's Sermons
St.Anne's Sermons Parade taking a breather outside Edgworth Post Office
St. Anne's church as seen from Edgworth
St.Anne's church
and the village of Chapeltown taken from Edgworth
The Willis pipe organ  Close up of the Willis pipe organ
Close up photos of the Willis pipe organ
St. Anne's Choir at Turton Tower
St.Anne's choir outside Turton Tower before singing in their Christmas Carol Concert
Front view of St. Anne's church
One of the many front views of
St.Anne's church
Grave of J.J. Bentley
The grave, the man, the story of the 1st Vice-President of the Football Association buried in the old graveyard behind the church

J.J. Bentley
Scanning of above photo and story right, by kind permission of Brian Hart and Alan Entwistle

 Story of J.J. Bentley (page 1)
  Story of J.J. Bentley (Page 2)
St. Anne's church as seen from the Bury Road side
St.Anne's church as seen from the Bury Road side.
St.AnnesInSpring.jpg (128105 bytes)
St.Anne's Church
in the Spring 2006




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