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North Turton
Parish Council

Whitehead's Butchers & Edgworth Deli

The North Turton website is sponsored by Whiteheads Traditional Butchers and The Edgworth Deli, 1 Blackburn Road, Edgworth, Tel: 01204 852268

Open Fridays until 7:00pm

For quality
Beef - Lamb - Pork
Home-cured Bacon
Home-made Sausages

Est. 1885


Hot & Cold food always available
Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding
Patchwork Pat
Cooked Meats
Speciality Cheeses

Although the pathways around the three villages are now open, it is still advised to keep only to the pathways and that dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Fouling of paths and pavements in the area is still against the law. If you need poopa scoopas, they are available free from the local Post Office.



North Turton is an area made up of small villages and hamlets and is part of the area formerly known as Turton UDC (Turton Urban District Council).

Turton was the largest of the townships in the ancient parish of Bolton-le-Moors before being split into two separate areas on the 1st of April 1974, which then became North Turton and South Turton.

The three villages now making up North Turton are Edgworth, Chapeltown and Belmont listed here in population size.

Small hamlets in the area are made up of Entwistle, Quarlton, Round Barn, Turton Bottoms and Whittlestone Head.

The area is situated 6 miles to the north of the busy town Bolton, but with the economy based mainly on agriculture, along with many small self-employed businesses.

The area is serviced by a busy commuter railway line from Blackburn to Manchester, but unfortunately with only one railway station open (Entwistle) and at only certain times in the day.

Pictured above is Whiteheads Traditional Butchers and The Edgworth Deli, just one of the excellent shops in Edgworth. It is advisable not to park on the Double Yellow Lines.


Im sure that everyone will be happy to see this site up and running but as there is so much information to add about this lovely and interesting area, the site will be under construction for sometime but will be updated at regular intervals.

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